Pre-Starvation Diet/Post-Starvation Diet/Post Bulk Diet

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Pre-starvation diet/post-starvation diet/post-bulk diet.


13 thoughts on “Pre-Starvation Diet/Post-Starvation Diet/Post Bulk Diet

  1. It’s incredible what the body can do with food and training. You’re working insanely hard, wow! I’ve been wondering how you’re doing so I’m glad you posted an update. Like you, I have to work extremely hard to achieve and maintain the body I want. Some people just have good genes. Ugh. How are you feeling energy-wise?

    Best wishes with your goals – stay safe, and positive! I don’t know a single person who’s 100% satisfied with their body. I look the best I have in years but I’m not perfectly satisfied. Sometimes you have to pick your battles after you’ve given it your best shot.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment, and for the words of encouragement! You have a great body! I know you put some work into it too though. I felt good energy-wise until about two weeks ago when I suddenly couldn’t get more than 6 hours sleep and was wrecked all the time as a result. My workouts plateaued- weights went down even. So I figured then it was time to stop the bulk- burnt out. I had meant to continue to the end of April. Getting a bit too fat now too so probably for the best! True about giving it your best shot then reevaluating. Just this cut to go then and I’ll see what’s up. How are you? Are you still hitting the gym at the moment?

      • For sure, like I said I’d been wondering. And thank you! Always struggling myself. Especially because I teach boot camp classes and I feel like the more “ripped” I look, the more clients will trust me to help them get in shape. A while back I cancelled my gym membership in order to save money. So at the moment I lift weights and do everything in my apartment or at the park across the street. I like using the playground and stairs. I’ve been alright except I screwed up my back by trying to be an insanely flexible yogi. I was doing some flexibility training and went too far. Now I have a compressed disc I’m trying to heal and have been seeing a chiropractor. Bummer.

        Yeah, definitely sounds like burnout and time to change things up. I still like HIIT 2-3x a week for fat loss – do you ever do that or for cardio do you mainly stick to running?

      • Jeez cancelling the gym to save money when the gym is a major feature of your life? Feeling bad here, orphan Annie. My gym is £28 a month, not too bad. Where do you teach thw boit camp classes then? Im terrified of getting one of those ‘compressed disks’ from my squatting. Ive been known to wriggle and twist the weight back up a little at the end of some sets. Do you know when youve got one or does someone have to tell you? Ive done no cardio during the bulk but yes did HIIT aswell as steady state and marathon-y stuff during the mad initial loss. You would believe how light and fit I got. Could do 5k in 17 minutes without too much bother. Uphill in parts too! Was nuts! Working out in a playground? I dont know whats id do. I realky need weights, find bodyweighr stuff frustrating- hit failure too soon or not quick enough. Are yoy still able to train now you’re injured? Im quite scared of getting injured for that reason. Everything is kinda counting on me being able to get on with this right now!

      • Matbe the 5k was more like 19 minutes. Sub 20 minutes anyway. And I completely surpassed HIIT sessions that used to annihilate me. Id finish them breathing like Id just walked to the shop or something. It was the most dramatic change phtsically ive ever experienced. A result of doing high heart rate hour long sessions.

      • Yeah, my gym was costing about the same as yours per month, but every bit adds up. I needed to save for medical expenses. I have TRX bands at home, a stability ball, free weights, a medicine ball, agility ladder, and the playground across the street provides even more opportunities, like pullups on the bars for instance, or there’s big staircases where I do HIIT sometimes. I do throw in a good deal of bodyweight exercises. If it’s too easy or not hard enough, there’s always modifications that can be made. I teach at people’s homes, outside at parks, or sometimes at my place. And I may be teaching at an office in the future. I like the freedom of setting my own hours and prices.

        As for the compressed disc, there wasn’t a sudden “oh shit” moment but I did start having gradual pain in a certain area on my spine when I bent backwards and the back of one of my legs. With the flexibility training I was crawling backwards down a wall and back up, doing wheel pose, and trying to get more flexible in my spine but I took it too far I guess. That, coupled with a lot of core work, some of which I learned was not good for the back (situps, straight leg raises when lying on your back). If you have good form with squats and deadlifts, don’t progress too fast with weight, and stay away from the ab exercises I mentioned, I wouldn’t worry about it.

        That’s awesome you did so well with the marathon-ish type training. I know that’s one of the best ways to lose fat (and muscle if you take it too far). I hate running and tend to stay away from the steady state stuff. You would school me. 🙂 And yes I have been able to continue training with my injury. It’s pretty much same as I’ve been doing minus some of the core work and being careful with back extensions.

      • Congrats on getting your own fitness business going. That’s impressive shit. Good girl. Two jobs and no 50 bucks for the gym though? I dunno how the world works obviously. Wide grip pullups are a bitch I find. Ive been fighting the lat pulldown machine for five straight months. Running up stairs sounds painful too.

      • I wouldn’t call it a business quite yet – there’s no name, and really it’s just me teaching two small group classes a week at the moment so it’s not like I’m making a lot of money. But every little bit helps to pay bills. Have you tried an assisted pull up band or machine?

        Your other comment disappeared on here, but I’m sorry about that. I do understand, and I think I have a friend that suffers from BDD. She’s in her mid-twenties and has had 3 plastic surgeries already and plans for many more. She gets botox and other stuff done, too. She’ll never be satisfied. She’s not on meds or anything yet.

      • Well, good going. Did you take out an ad in the paper or what? How did you get clients? Tried the assist machine sure, but not the bands. Dont the bands only offer one grade of assistance? I mean, is there a way to adjust how much assistance they provide? I do find wide grip pull ups very frustrating, the way you can only get like 4 out on your 3rd/4th set. Makes u feel pathetic! Im working on strict form on the lat pulldown tho. Fuck that deleted comment, load of shit, please ignore.

      • Before I got rid of Facebook I made a little post about it with a photo of myself looking buff and then I got a couple different groups going. Just friends who bring other friends and then at a BBQ I met the boss of one of them who mentioned I should do an office class for them after work.

        When I was going to the gym they had 3 grades of bands to choose from. Otherwise lat pull downs help like you’re already doing, and a few sets of static holds (flexed arm hang) and negative pull ups.

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