Changing Tack

I’ve started counting my daily calories. I’m using an app called ‘Diet Diary’. It’s as vanilla as they come, which I love. The icon is a cartoon cucumber and notepad, with the words ‘Simple Diet Diary’ in a comic sans-esque font. It’s the pure-hearted underdog of diet-tracking apps. It has only the few computational conveniences you want, and no more. I keep track of calories and protein. The app shows me my totals so far for the day, and I can copy and paste past entries. For the last seven days my average daily calories has been 2172 and my average protein 141 grams. The idea of recording calories for evermore isn’t such a wonderful prospect. It sounds a bit of a strangled existence. The thought of it gives me butterflies. But not counting them is also a headache. It may well be a thirty-days-to-build-the-habit kind of situation, by which point it will have stopped feeling uncomfortable. I’ll have to see.


15 thoughts on “Changing Tack

  1. Good luck with this. Keeping track works really well for my sister, though I am way too lazy myself. I eventually came up with a weekly menu which I follow pretty much to the letter. High protein, low carb. I’ve lost 30 lbs in 5 months. Cheers!

    • That’s interesting, the weekly menu. I eat pretty much the same thing every day but I would fancy having it even more regimented. I do still have to decide what dinner to have every evening. Do you manage to get everything bought and sorted for the week in advance?

      • On a good week, yes, I do have everything ready, but it isn’t that difficult, since I also eat the same thing. Food preparation is limited to making salad and heating up pre-made soup at lunch and then cooking up a bit of meat for dinner. No carbs means no rice, potatoes or other side dishes, so that makes things easier.

      • Thanks! I cannot begin to say how wonderful it feels not to be carrying the equivalent of two full grocery bags with me everywhere I go. Very motivating indeed!

  2. I think everyone who’s interested in losing weight should count cals on a daily basis at least for a week. Many people don’t realize just how much they are consuming! It’s a tedious task, though. At least after a week you sort of get a feel for it. I’m with helmontpetit, though. It’s much easier for me to stick to a weekly eating plan – I know exactly what foods and amounts. I also stick to higher protein lower carbs. I don’t eat much dairy, either. I do most of my food prep once a week and prepack all my meals.

    • Yeah no, since this post it got easy. Just been copying and pasting. I like it now actually. Just being doing a bit of reading…think I may stop training for the high reps pump…to avoid the rather cheesy swollen look thats always bothered me. Any thought on that?

      • Oh, glad to hear. On occasion I do go out to eat or stray from my plan, but I amp up the cardio in return. If you are wanting to avoid muscle hypertrophy, consider doing short sets of few reps which apply less damage to the muscle fibers than what body builders aim to do with their higher reps. You could take longer breaks in between sets, like up to 2 minutes. Also keep in mind concentric vs. eccentric contractions. If you’re focusing on eccentric contractions and really dragging out the downward phase of the move, that’s going to cause more muscle damage and hypertrophy.

  3. I love counting my calories daily and felt it helped me. Also I would weigh myself daily too and it helped me tons! People say not too but when I didn’t keep track I’ve gained 15 pounds ☹️☹️☹️ I’m going back to counting and weighing!!

    • Good lord Ive taken it so much further since that post. Im a professional eater now basically. It does help massively I agree, but I aim to phase it out now I have a feel for the correct diet.

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