You Will Get Cancer, And You Will Die

Please let me stop buying cigarettes.


46 thoughts on “You Will Get Cancer, And You Will Die

  1. I had a hell of a time. And although I quit several years ago, I still feel tempted at times – especially when I get fed up dealing my growing addiction to chocolate.

  2. Wellbutrin! That helped me stop smoking years ago as an unintended side-effect. I only smoked for two years, though. And I quit before I was even old enough to buy cigarettes and haven’t smoked again since.

    P.S. – I just got your Skype message. I was away for a week and ‘unplugged.’ I wasn’t ignoring you. 🙂

  3. Yep – with you on this. I went completely to e-cigs a couple of years ago and then a stressful office move sent me straight back to the real thing. I’m slowly weaning myself back onto the e cigs and have found a couple of flavours that I love but have to confess that I still love the occasional real one. Wish I didn’t but just lack the courage of my convictions

  4. I hope you CAN stop.
    The title of this post caught my eye.
    I have never smoked (as I was born with asthma, so I never tried a cig), and this past year, after what seemed like a million med tests, I was told I had cancer. It’s been about eight weeks since my surgery. I was told there is a 90/95% chance my cancer will NOT return. Keeping my positive attitude and hoping for the best! Life is so beautiful!
    HUGS, Carolyn 🙂

  5. Hi! How’s the cigarette thing going? Stopping that kind of thing can be gut-ripping tough. I’m sending good vibes your way — maybe they’ll help. I quit drinking in 1997 because (1) I was sick of the way it made me feel after the initial warm buzz went away and (2) I was tired of not quite remembering what I’d done the night before. (3) I heard on TV that alcohol destroys brain cells. That last one was the main reason, tbh. Who wants to be hung over AND stupid? I guess if I’d ever started smoking I’d’ve had a hard time with that, too. I never did start, though, because the first and last time I tried smoking was when I was 21 to work — thought it would be no big deal, just light it up and be cool right off the bat — but I set fire to my coat and had to pull over to put it out. Seriously. Anyway, I hope you’ve started and are making the progress you want to make. You can do it. Yes.

    • haha. I’m smoking tonight but that’s because of New Year’s eve and I’m still coming down to earth. I go long periods without them tho. The stupidity thing is so true. I dunno if it’s how I personally react to alcohol but I really do turn into a moron two drinks in. Can’t handle booze at all. Still keen to talk but everything I say is trite. Super enthusiastically delivered trite. Like, strangers turning their head over hearing me, at what a moron I am. I’m growing out of drinking I think, hopefully will have cut it out entirely before long.

  6. Oh, phooey. Left out the most important part — “…I was 21 to work…” should read “…I was 21 and I was driving to work…”

    Couldn’t manage the steering wheel, the matches, and the cigarette. 😉

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