There’s a clothes shop I quite like called Pull and Bear- it’s like H and M, but originating in Spain, and the clothes are slightly better and £10 more expensive. Their masthead reads ‘Pull and Bear 1991’. I was a bit surprised at that. They’re going all ‘Gap 1969’ on our asses, romanticising the year. That’s jarring for me because for ages I was fully convinced the early 90s were nothing more than a joke. The entire time I was growing up that was the received wisdom, and I didn’t question it. MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, ho ho ho. But now I turn around and it’s ‘Pull and Bear: Birthed in the cultural firestorm of 1991’, kind of thing. Probably there’ll be an ad with a languid whispery voiceover (or maybe a more assertive tone is the thing now, I’m not sure): ‘Pull and Bear: Nighting nighty one’. They’re completing an about-turn that started a few years ago. It appears I’ve been a pawn in some vacuous cycle. All just a bit of fun you could argue, but I’m pissed to realise that I’ve been holding fast to an idea, about the early 90s, that I had no input on. It was handed down to me by the fickle overlords of taste and I complied. I still hold it, this post was originally going to be me joking about ‘Pull and Bear 1991’ being silly, but I realised the joke’s on me. Someone more enlightened than me is going to come along and explain that 90% of my opinions are like that, that this is just a glaring example of it. You live and learn anyway. Blogging saves the day again.







19 thoughts on “Sucka

  1. Hm. Well after looking over their site, specifically the women’s gym wear which is where I would start in any clothing store, I have to say that only about ten per cent of the offerings there look useful (so we see that 90% vibe coming back). I mean a gym T-shirt slit up the sides is not real compatible with a leather lifting belt cinched tight, neither is a crop that doesn’t come to the top of your pants, the shoes don’t look very supportive and the sport bras even less so. And there’s a *cologne* called “Gym.” Let me tell you, if I am working out and breathing like a bellows, I do not want to be sucking in some fakey-smell cologne vapors off the waif-like thing next to me attired in a slit gym shirt and waving a pair of three-pound dumbbells in a vague imitation of a bicep curl. Just sayin’.

    I’d go that long denim jacket though.

    • Yeah a lot of their stuff is daft, just like with h and m, but I’ve found the odd gem that’s become a real mainstay for me. The shoes are shit, you’re right there. I bought a pair and they cut the feet off me. LOL at the cologne called ‘Gym’. Yeah, that was ill-advised. I checked out the denim jacket. Yeah? What women are interested in wearing is utterly mysterious to me. You wear a lifting belt!? For squat is that? Does it assist with bench press too?

      • Squats, dead lifts and rows of various sorts, and cable flyes if I go heavy. You need a shirt that doesn’t pull out of the belt (even with a shirt I’ve had more than one boil where it rubs) so that’s my first expectation of a gym top. Any lift where you might overbalance and strain a muscle in your back or overstress your abs just cries out for one. I’ve never been hurt in 30 years of going heavy and I think that’s why.

        What most women are interested in wearing is utterly mysterious to me, too. The longer I live, the more I just want to be comfortable, and I’ve almost forgotten how to wear a dress. And bugger most women’s shoes (hm, there’s probably a fetish site for that). I see where Birkenstock makes some of its sandals with gold and silver straps and if I ever have to dress up again, that’s what I’m getting — I had a client for 25 years that wore those to fancy-ass dinners with her country-club friends and no one ever noticed she wasn’t tottering around in heels.

      • Not too often you see anyone in a belt the gym I go to. It being called LA Fitness tells you most of what you need to know. But ive just cancelled that aftet a few years and have joined the university gym again which has been renovated and expanded to the tune of millions. More belt wearers there. Plus 25m pool and divimg pool. I like swimming now because the ‘look’ of being gym jacked, even in a minor way, doesnt work for me. Makes me self conscious. Even more so. Its annoying because its obviously amazing for your health, we’re meant to be doing it as humans I reckon. Dresses seem comfortable to me! Id totally ultilise that little option if I was female.

      • You can’t move in em. They get caught in things if they’re too roomy and bind if they’re too tight. Gym baggies and tee shirts. I can make them work for the opera.

        I know about LA Fitness. Kind of a weird name for a gym. I used to be at one called Planet Fitness, on account it was taken into that chain after being a decent iron gym for years, and they had signs telling you not to grunt. *oy*

  2. Great post, loved it. Only recently did I find H & M. There’s a lot of stuff in there that I wouldn’t touch but when it comes to little white t-shirts or even grey ones for that matter or little black dresses and my new yellow cardigan, they’re spot on and super cheap. I don’t think I’ve ever followed fashion and in fact, I’ve probably gone out of my way to not do so.

    • It looks like that’s the wise move. I bought grey t-shirt from h and m, put in the in the wash, then had to go and buy another one, hoping it doesn’t come out of the wash like a rag cloth this time!

      • I’ve worn mine more times than I care to mention and they are as good as the day I brought them home. I guess it depends on the fabric.

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