Don’t Think Twice


Here’s what I think is a great recent cover of my favourite Bob Dylan song, Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright. It was already the ultimate singalong song for me- the lyrics flow so smoothly, rhymes everywhere, and it’s a great wish-fulfillment character- some world-weary cowboy type guy whose ‘precious time’ has been wasted in this relationship. Life has just done gone and disappointed him once again and he has a whole song’s worth of excellent withering shit to say to this imaginary nogoodnik woman, before he’s ‘a’ travellin’ on’. The Bob Dylan version already flowed beautifully but this take adds an airy nostalgic guitar sound that fits really well and also more of a driving quality to the chorus bit, which is exciting.


18 thoughts on “Don’t Think Twice

  1. I listened to this version today after reading this post – and ended up listening to it a dozen times. He really does it justice. Good find! 😊👍
    Then… I listened to the Johnny Cash version – who knew ? Also really good.
    Last but not least I played the Bob Dylan one a few times too, which is just classic and wonderful.
    All very apropos I’m-movin-on music

  2. The Bob Dylan version is immediately what came to mind. “But don’t think twice, ’cause it’s alright.” I made my dad go see him along with The Decemberists (one of my favourite bands, although haven’t listened to them much lately). We drove from Vancouver, BC to Seattle over Labour Day weekend 2010. He sure sounded like, to put it crassly, utter shit. But it’s BOB! How can you go wrong? My dad and I just looked at each other and laughed; but he’s contributed so much to the cultural landscape of the United States and arguably to the rest of the world, that it’d be criminal NOT to go see Bob Dylan whilst he’s still alive.

    Sorry. /rant over

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