Needs Fixin


This is me and a survey of my weird gut across five photos. I think the endless amount of squat I’ve been doing this year has given me a stronger stomach, as squat does (because it calls on the stomach), but it’s also made it protrude. I’ve looked it up and big time weightlifters call this a turtle-shell stomach. As a skinny kind of guy I really can’t be dealing with the combo of thin shoulders and a big gut poking out. So I may have to quit squat, which is heartbreaking, because my legs need it and because it’s the only thing I really liked doing anymore in the gym, and I was making good progress with the weight.

In the first photo I’m standing in my normal posture, hunched. I should straighten up, I look better when I do. My damn abdomen feels like it’s sitting about five foot in front of me when I pull my shoulders back though. Plus, although that posture looks normal in the photos, it felt ridiculous pulling it. Even in my hunched posture the stomach is there a bit. Sometimes it’s not there, like in the second photo, depending on when the air is in me I think. But then the third photo shows what can begin to happen, and the fourth photo across is gut armageddon. That just won’t do, even if it happens only now and then. The fifth photo is at the end of exhaling all the air out of me and relaxing completely. It shows I have some fat around there which I was thinking might have been contributing to the whole thing. I’m still not 100% sure what the deal is. The fourth photo suggests there’s some development that happened that isn’t too nice. My plan is to eat really well for a while, do lower ab work and stretching in the gym, and, frustratingly, cut out the squat and abandon my progress there. I’ll try that for three weeks starting today and see how I feel.


18 thoughts on “Needs Fixin

  1. the word is Pilates….it will put a hurtin’ on those abs but pop them right back to where you want them….now that I have professed this, I must do the same 😀

  2. Good for you for working out! I’m hardly a fitness guru so I won’t even attempt to pretend I know much about your current concern. Just wanted to give some encouragement

  3. It’s almost a year from the time you made this post. Do you still have a turtle shell? I would have said to keep doing squats. 🙂 The turtle shell could come from a variety of things – diet, eating and drinking things that cause bloating (even chewing gum!), and possibly doing too many ab exercises. I think yoga could help tremendously or pilates as samlobos mentioned above. And during the day when you’re out and about, really work on sucking in, pulling that bellybutton in. It can help a lot.

    • Good to be reminded of this because that’s all gone now. I think I’m in much better shape- I was going pretty hard at it lately, cutting. I had gained a good 15 pounds of flabbiness between that photo and February, when I started. I’ve completed 14 weeks of 1600 calories a day, including more protein than I ever would have dared eat before, with empty stomach workouts, and it’s all looking pretty good I think! I’m pleased. I’d like to cut for 2 more weeks, then start eating over maintenance and bulk my legs out a bit. Then never, ever cut again. Hopefully you don’t think me vain for all that effort- I’m only after a body that doesn’t cause me embarrassment, rather that something to show off. Chewing gum though- yeah, I think that can hurt. If you drink protein shakes too fast too I’ve found. I have a stretching routine for my legs and hip flexors now also- tightness there was causing anterior pelvic tilt, I believe. I was doing NO stretching back then, even after months of heavy squat every few days. Bit of a joke. Stomach vacuum yeah, I think its helpful. Are you on any kind of fitness mission at the minute, or just steady sailing now? I know you mentioned yoga.

      • Kickass! You’ve worked really hard. Oh yeah, protein is your friend. When I first started out I was eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and consuming around 1400 cals a day. No I don’t think that’s vain. It’s okay to want to look your best, and one person’s idea of “best” isn’t going to be the same as someone else’s. Do what makes you happy and healthy. Oh for sure, I used to bloat up like a puffer fish after downing a protein shake. Now I try to get my protein from real food after a session vs. a shake. Sounds like you’ve really done your research with all of this, probably scouring places like 🙂 I’m glad you started stretching! It’s so important.

        Right now I’m on a maintenance schedule. I just dropped my gym membership to save some money and I’ll hopefully be moving into an apartment in a couple months where I can be in the bottommost unit. That way I can stomp around and exercise all I want without fear of disturbing anyone below me. I plan to amp up my workouts as the summer ends so that I can tone up a little bit more. Here’s where I am now:
        I’m still doing yoga and practicing balance moves for fun.

      • Great instagram- really enjoyed looking…and yeah, you really are looking buff! Nice image you have going on too. You look great. Ill have to post a photo or something, weird to be the invisible man. Were you in New York recently?

      • Thanks a bunch! I didn’t think about you viewing the other photos on there. Not that I mind, but there’s plenty of goofy stuff. It’s fun being mysterious but nice to see who’s behind the words, too. I was in New York twice last year – once for business, once for pleasure. I wouldn’t mind going back to explore some more but I could never live there.

      • Lots of cool stuff… really want to get that turtles car photo to a friend of a friend… think it would blow his mind. lol. New York on business- living the dream. I’m gonna get there next summer for a holiday… once ive finally mastered everything and I’m a chill dude. That’s the plan!

      • I can email the turtle pic to you, just let me know where. 🙂 Meh, business trips are stressful. Living the dream for me would be writing stories in a nice little cabin in the woods. What are you trying to master?

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