Brief Rant

Seamus Heaney, who won the nobel prize for literature, died this time two years ago. I studied a few of his poems in the course of my schooling. I wasn’t crazy about them then and still wouldn’t be now. The ones I remember studying, ‘Digging’ for instance, were very much centered on life in the Irish countryside. Sods and bogs and spades. I hate the sound of that life, the lack of glamour in it. Heaney looked like a farmer too with his flyaway white hair and woolen attire. I would have preferred a glowering, gym-buff Heaney. I’m willing to accept that he was a good poet and a nice man though. What I find strange is that he appears never to have written a bad poem, never mind a bad collection of poems. How can that be? He was human. Was there not one where the rhymes were really shit or where he might’ve gone with a different set-up or different word choices? Apparently not. You only get infallible figures like that in the likes of poetry, painting, opera, classical. The ones where elites call the shots. It’s pretty conspicuous.


6 thoughts on “Brief Rant

  1. Nice rant, having a quiet, silent-type father who was a farmer….maybe Heaney spent more time thinking about stuff before writing them down, mulling over them endlessly while digging….you have a lot of time to think about other stuff

  2. This makes me so joyous. I’m sure we all studied ‘Digging’ didn’t we? I remember feeling resentful to him then, because there’s only so many times I can picture a bog before I get irritated. As an adult now though I have to say I’m so happy I studied him and not others, you’re right – not one bad poem!

    • gah, my point was that there are people in those kinds of areas where they just don’t do anything wrong ever as far the people who comment on them are concerned, and that that is suspicious! The other person who commented on this also misunderstood me. But whatevs, thanks for the comment.

      • I meant I had been unclear in what I was trying to say, of course, not that it was beyond your comprehension. I don’t know what I meant right now, I can’t think! I can’t put it in words anyway. Tired.

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