Sweating the Small Stuff

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

My major challenge of the last six months was furnishing the flat I moved into, to which end I used the savings I had from a very fortunate purchase and sale of bitcoin in 2013. I dreaded the task and thought about hiring an interior decorator. Decorating and even dressing and stuff is always more about self-assertion than self-expression with me. Trying to position myself a certain way to outside eyes over an entire flat was not a fun prospect. Plus the interior decorator, namely a cool girl, would charge just 15% of the price of the stuff to make all the choices for me.

I couldn’t bring myself to hire one in the end though. I thought I couldn’t live with myself if I ducked that responsibility. It’s a rite of passage, doing up your first home. I saw it in an ad for Mastercard once- the young woman covering a crack in her wall with her new mirror from the fleamarket, then dancing around her new living room in joy. Priceless. What kind of monster would I be to hide in the gloom while some girl comes in and does these things for me? I’d be barely human. And then to live in an environment someone else has created. It would have been a capitulation. On top of that, one of the first things I found was a nice lamp which I liked with instinctive certainty. That encouraged me to keep going with the rest.

But as it turns out the lamp was nearly a one-off (a two-off- I like the table I bought too). Everything else was a complete ordeal of endless second-guessing and I’m only lukewarm about the result. Being able to create a pleasant home for myself would be good but I’ve found out that for me it’s more worry than it’s worth. If I ever had to do this again I would give the 15% to a decorator. It wouldn’t be giving in to weakness, it would be the smart move.


15 thoughts on “Sweating the Small Stuff

  1. I understand your dilemma, but I do think it decorating your own abode is a process. Finding the art, the end table, the throw pillow that pleases your sensibilities is finding yourself. Okay, maybe there are a few missteps along the way….don’t worry it’s only a flat. 🙂

      • Sorry, I should have added….before you buy another thing….go on Pintrest, find things you like and pin them. After you have amassed a collect of things you like, then go to an interior decorator and show him/her what you like….makes their job easier and you’ll get a flat that represents you.

      • I see something I like about twice a year so it could be many years until I’m ready, but as you say that’s ok. I’m done for just now, I know that much! Thanks.

  2. I been looking around, I done a similar thing furnished a flat and now love it, I think of stuff I would like to put in it and now live quite comfortably in it. Decorating is a chore but when it is done, Wow we created a masterpiece. Decided to follow great posts.

  3. I hope you’re happy with your place. She may have decorated for you but you make your own home. And often it’s just the little things that work magic – in our space, in relationships, in the heart.

  4. As we grow, our tastes change. After 5 years of living in my home, I’ve yet to finish a room. I’m always changing things around and having yet another idea for a project or a renovation. Colour can transform a room. I tend to stick with fairly simple colours on the walls and then inject colour in the form of cushions, pots, blinds etc. The colours reflect the mood I wish to feel in that room. Enjoy the journey.

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