In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves.”

My least favourite household task is changing the duvet cover. I’m vaguely aware that there’s a trick to it and I should google that actually, but as things stand it involves pushing one side in a bit, walking to the other side of the bed, pushing that side in, yanking the underside up to match, then walking back round to the other side and so on. It’s such a messy operation, there’s the threat there that it’s not going to work out, unlike with doing the dishes for instance where you have a great sense of progress. I somehow managed to arrange things on New Years Eve 2013-14 so that I was changing the fucking duvet cover as the year turned. That was maybe a half-conscious, fairly lame attempt to ‘bottom out’ so I’d be motivated to change my life- potentially the beginnings of a duvet cover problem- ‘Man, back then, I’d wake up in the morning and the first thing I’d do is change a duvet cover. It got to the point where I was changing duvet covers five, six times a day. I’d change a duvet cover like other people have a glass of wine. There was a time when I would have sold my own mother for fresh duvet covers to change. If I saw a duvet cover, I’d have to change it. It was that simple’. But the duvet cover thing turned out to be a one-off. 2014 wasn’t great in the end, but I can be thankful for that at least.


6 thoughts on “Irritating

  1. Ha! My husband hates to change the sheets. This big, strapping, cna rebuild the engine of a 40 Ford, does not like the tedious bend over, break your back (if you’re smart you get on your knees) job of putting fresh linens on the bed. What was once my task as chief keeper of the house is not a couples only job now that he is retired and I still work. Dishes…hell yeah he’s got that in spades. Just a hit of grumbling about his bad knee. 😉

    • I’m ok with putting them on actually. I have thought there’s something vaguely disgusting about sheathing the matress with them, but I reckon that’s personal to me. Thanks for the comment! Funny blog.

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