He’ll Teach Ya Stuff, Although He’s Looking Rough

I was out getting milk just there and while walking up the street on my return home I passed an old man coming the other way, who I barely noticed. It came to my attention that I had barely noticed him. If it had been a guy my age my posture would have stiffened approaching him, my heart would have started beating a little faster etc. Yet this old guy is practically invisible to me. I suppose that’s a bit sad. Where then is the fucking ad-campaign fronted by some old geezer, bemoaning how unfair it is that old men are invisible? Because where older women are concerned there’s plenty of that. Helen Mirren goes on about it in a recent ad for some make-up company. And even before I saw that ad I was pretty sensitive to the notion of older women being invisible and how tragic it is. But you know what, fucking deal with it. As with old men, if they had any character you’d still notice them. You can’t expect to be first and foremost an object of desire as a 65 year old. Why have I been running around feeling guilty about that while at the same time not giving a second thought to the plight of little old men? From this and other areas of my life, I’m thinking women have a bit of a racket going on. I’m not an oppressor of women, I’m just as oppressed as them. I need to start saying ‘fuck off’ to a lot of feminism, just as I instinctively do to authority in other areas.


9 thoughts on “He’ll Teach Ya Stuff, Although He’s Looking Rough

  1. Trying not to smile…I’m 64 and thrilled that my cloak of invisibility wraps more tightly around me each day. NO ONE wants to look at wrinkles. đŸ™‚

      • Me? Haaa! Not secure as much as resigned to reality. Well, I’m secure about some things. Most of the other things I just don’t care about. The funny thing about getting older (I’m learning) is that there’s always someone older, so I’m not invisible to men in their early 70’s. But my suspicion is that all they want is someone to take care of them when they start to crumble.

      • Oh, absolutely! I knew what you meant. Have seen the ads and been irritated by them. It’s like running around in public saying “Notice me! Look at me! I’m still relevant!” and knowing that everyone who witnesses that is thinking, “Geez, how pathetic! ” I’m on the “…fucking deal with it…” side of things. As far as I’m concerned what we look like should never matter that much, young or old. Sad that it does. But there it is: life.
        On the other hand, when I’m in public I smile more than I ever did just to raise my nascent jowls a little so I don’t look like my grandmother. Some choice: grinning idiot or sagging face. Haaaa!! đŸ™‚
        Great post. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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