Thick With Ideas

My resolve to write every day only lasted a few days, as I thought it might. That’s….pretty poor. I remember being about 18, on a bus, and boasting to a friend of a friend, someone I liked, that I could just zone out at will for long periods, thinking of nothing. He responded in an indifferent way but glancing over at him a second later I saw a suppressed smirk on his face that was completely unexpected and, like, devastating.

My thought for the day anyway was that, for anyone, there’s a finite amount going on up there. If you don’t replenish it with new input what would you be left with? I read Russell Brand’s Booky Wook a couple of years ago and was very impressed when he used the word ‘prism’. I was doubly impressed because he used it in relation to Oliver Stone’s movie The Doors, which I also love. He writes:

‘I saw the film The Doors and decided ‘I’m gonna be like that person’. The flimsy identity that I had constructed was instantaneously swept aside: not by Jim Morrison himself, but by Val Kilmer’s interpretation of Jim Morrison, as viewed through the cinematic prism of Oliver Stone.’

The Doors themselves are a letdown after the movie The Doors. And Val Kilmer IS amazing in it. Oliver Stone’s done that with lots of 20th century American stuff: made the myths (to quote a line in The Doors)- JFK, Wall Street etc. When I read the line ‘the cinematic prism of Oliver Stone’ however, I felt shit. It’s succinct. A word like prism would never have occurred to me. That’s why he’s famous. It’s not coincidence. I’m a stupid lower-order being. What’s seriously even the point? But then I heard him use it in a different context, and then again another time. It’s just his pet word. Then last night I was listening to an interview with an actor I like called Toby Jones, and he used ‘slavishly’, not once, nor twice, but three times. So maybe I’m not a complete asshole.


3 thoughts on “Thick With Ideas

  1. Prism is a good word! I read RB’s Booky Wook too – I have to say I didn’t like his habit of reprising his funniest moments at great length,b ut I guess that’s what you expect from a comic’s book. I might try downloading that Doors movie – it sounds interesting! And yes, these resolutions don’t last, do they..

    • That’s the quote on the back cover from him: ‘My life is just a series of embarrassing incidents strung together by telling people about those embarrassing incidents’ You know he’s talking revolution in the UK and being taken seriously by the media!? So far anyway. The Doors is a gorgeous film- that would be the word, though you might find it daft in parts. No they don’t- I’m lazy.

    • Can I just retract ‘gorgeous’ by the way Rose? In relation to The Doors. That word is actually quite annoying. I hear it being used a lot lately with the intention of making the speaker sound sophisticated. Heard a local dj use it (twice) the other night when introducing some song by a band of the moment. I cringed. ‘Spectacular’ is what I really meant.

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