Brad Pitt Wearing Corset

Here is Brad Pitt trying to hold it together wearing a corset. I’ve always thought he doesn’t belong where he is. He’s too uptight. He’s always been forcing it, playing it safe as either a dead-eyed cool dude, or the equally safe ‘crazy outsider’. If he had any integrity he would just roll with the love handles. But he doesn’t have the character for that. I think him aging is going to be a real car crash.

BONUS EXTRA: I read in the memoir of the actor Tom Sizemore (an extremely depressing read) that Juliette Lewis, who Sizemore was in a relationship with, had previously ended her relationship with Brad Pitt in part because he kept her late arriving to the Oscars (when she was nominated) because he couldn’t settle on which shoes to wear. Ha! That’s like something I would do, but I’m not flying around the world touting myself as an ‘icon of cool’. The man needs to set up a weekly delivery of junk food from his local supermarket, shut the door, and watch TV until it’s all over.


7 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Wearing Corset

      • Yes, he has got himself in a real fix. He chose a certain course and I think it wasn’t wise. My blog is soon to be renamed ‘Do The Right Thing’, where I will keep a log of how I’m moving to a tactic of following my gut in the hope of getting out of the fix I’m in. Check it out! Love your work!

    • That’s not young Brad! It’s just a guy wearing a corset. I think Brad on the left is wearing a corset, you can see it through his shirt. I’m such a bastard laying in to poor Brad, he’s doing his best. I’m a bit fussy sadly, wish I wasn’t! So you like the pouchy faced sweeties. Fair enough. There could be no greater turn off for me than the thought of a big doughy man lol. I am a man tho obviously, I understand that. .

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