Social Media Feminists: Spoilt First-World F***s?

Why does feminism as I encounter it on the internet annoy me so much? It makes me livid. Now, ‘Yesallwomen’ live in fear of rape or assault, or whatever. Actually, the females I know and like report not feeling that way particularly. So don’t presume to speak for them ya bunch of milquetoasts. Is your wee head wrecked from feeling slightly put upon walking down the street? You poor thing. Hard ‘aul life!

To be fair I’ve become more aware of my bad habits. Tonight for instance I kept my eyes down, feeling servile, as a hot female jogger passed me. No EYEFULS. Yet I remember walking through the crowded city center a couple of months ago with a tall, good-looking guy from my (ex) work and woman after woman was looking him up and down and eyeballing him. THIS IS A HUMAN BEING HERE! Is what I didn’t think for a second. I just felt shit to realize there’s this whole hyperactive sexy world going on that I’m not privy to and likely never will be. And all you women will pay for that with your blood, actually.*

They use academic style language, taking their cue from smart people who might have the odd valid point or two. They’re forever involved in ‘discourse’. This is a great way to make people second-guess themselves and bully them out of the discussion. It also masks a lot of the nonsense they talk. For every point you might actually consider, there’s five shit-stirring ones. There’s nothing worse than a fool with a cause. Like me now, they’re getting a pretty cheap thrill from having a rant in public. But unlike me they’re at it all day every day, literally. And the culture of it has made me much more ready to be on the defensive and sometimes offensive with women, which I resent a lot.

*This is an ironic reference to that guy who went on a rampage on Santa Monica I think, and said that all the women who rejected him had to pay with their blood.


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