I wanna be admired

I have a bit of a problem with using language that could be considered pretentious. I was sitting at a table in a pub and said to my friend that he was very ‘animated’ earlier. My friend’s friend, who was a few places away, muttered the word back in rebuke. I’m fairly certain this guy dislikes me a little bit to begin with- despite being a practicing Christian, the dick. But why would using that word rouse his ire?

Pretension:  A claim made, especially indirectly or by implication, to some quality, merit, or the like.

There’d be no issue with literary type language if it added something to the proceedings. But ‘animated’ really didn’t. I think that must have been fairly clear to me even in the split second between thinking it and saying it. But I went for it anyway. Why? Possibly I hoped someone would be fooled. Or, to be kinder to myself, I was merely having a whirl on the very slim odds that it was a good thing to say. Either way what I wanted was admiration.


3 thoughts on “I wanna be admired

  1. Been there too… it’s lucky I’m in a business–I’m an English teacher–that forgives it. I just like words and like that there are so many to use.

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