Airports are great

I like airports very much. They’re generally quite polished and clean looking. The best ones are dazzling.  It’s a yuppie’s paradise- a little world minus poor people. Even the worst airports are maybe a bit drab but never full on crummy. The fittings are always in good nic, there’s a lot of room and the ceilings are high.

I find it a nice head-space to be in. I’m anonymous, everyone around me definitely does have something better to be thinking about. I’m heading somewhere, more often than not somewhere exciting. I’m more prepared than usual for what’s coming in the next few days. I’m comfortable and secure. If there’s a problem I just ask. And there’s nothing better I should be doing. Who wouldn’t love that?

Going through security is a little buzz. It’s a deadly serious business with tension in the air. I sometimes hope people are wondering about me, what depths there might be beneath my neutral expression. I don’t recall ever wondering about anyone else though.


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