My haircut

Went for a haircut today. Reasonable job. Guy younger than me with an emo-punk look seemed to own and run the place. He advised me to try clippers on the side, that he wasn’t trying to tell me what to do but that he knew I was in a comfort zone with scissors and if I was to try this I might discover something. I was stiff with fright as he took the clippers to my sides, so far from my comfort zone. Actually I was a little worried. I think shorn sides and a bit longer on top looks class, but I can imagine if you don’t commit to it and tend to it once its done it’s mental patient stuff, like Morrissey today.


I don’t think I would tend to it correctly, I’ve never had a ‘haircut’ and I think that’s for the best. The bit of worry was for nothing in the end as the effect of the clippers was completely indistinguishable from scissors. The guy did tell me this would make the haircut last longer, which I’m grateful for. “I’ll be back” I said, like a dickhead, as I took my change.