Date fell through

She was agreeing to go for a drink or whatever but she was taking a really long time to get back to texts. 24hrs twice in a row, and the first time was during a Sunday. If she’s like that at the getting to know you stage, I think she’d fuck with my head properly by the time we were in a relationship.

I was quite pleased with the series of texts by which I ‘dumped’ her, and in fact lay awake repeating them into myself, savouring the sweet victory a bit, before I drifted to sleep. I definitely won:

Me: No idea what your problem is not replying, but it’s most definitely your problem. Forget it.

Her: Actually had a v busy day in work then come home to find my puppy had swallowed a bottle top so emergency visit to vets been a v stressful day and only now getting a second to answer your text but glad I got to see your really not my kinda person!!

Me: I knew you’d say something like that. Get a grip, you could have replied after breakfast, at lunch, whenever. You did the same yesterday btw which was a Sunday. It’s just inconsiderate. I’d say it’s best for me too to let it go.

Her: Feck off u asshole u obviously hav never hadda puppy/ a life I don’t spend mine glued to my phone!!

Me: Ok.

She was a visitor from other bars to a bar that I would tend to go to. I don’t think we would have had anything in common anyway. She was obviously big into her puppy (‘Pippa’) which would melt anyone’s head.

I think her final text she held back from being outright nasty- feck instead of fuck, asshole isn’t the harshest insult and even confers some esteem on the recipient, that you’re actually someone who’s capable of causing harm. She might also have used Prick or Cunt, but it would have stung if she’d said Knob or Fanny (not a threat- ignorant, unaware, uninformed). And she went easy on the no life thing by also saying no puppy obviously.

‘I don’t spend mine glued to my phone!!’ is the closest she got to calling me a loser. That’s a powerful weapon women have against men, or rather that women have against me. Because it’s mostly all for them, all my efforts. If they unleash the loser bit convincingly it’s crushing.

I wonder why she didn’t go to town on me. Either she was still a little keen and thought this situation might be resolved yet. Or her confidence is low and she was worried about the possibility of me hurting her in return. My gut says she sounds like a wee bit of a cunt, it’s no great loss.


3 thoughts on “Date fell through

  1. This was the first thing I saw in the odyssey of the “Silent Donkey” that is you.

    Anyone can just not click with someone on a date and carry on about it. After the other two I saw I cam back to this trick and trust me on this, it’s a trick and not a treat.

    Pompous, Whiny and Holier Than Thou is no way to go through life.

    You can find, “Silent Donkey” on Urban Dictionary. It went up to Urban from a CTBear. Care for 3 guesses as to whom CTBear is?

    Go look it up and apply it to yourself along with my disdain.

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