My main concern at the moment

My main concern at the minute is that I’ve found an outfit that I can wear to really any bar and feel confident. It’s a flawless outfit. A cool looking cloth shirt in a faded, muted colour with a small check pattern that opens out from the middle of my chest. I wear it over a thin-ish white t-shirt. A grey hoodie on top. Mid-wash blue Lee Jeans with a 33 inch waist that are fitting but not at all too fitting. I had them taken in from the knee down to not flare out at the shin as they were doing. The woman did an amazing job and they sit perfectly on my plimsoll-style shoes.

I’ve worn it twice and was just fantastically well-received by both guys and girls on both occasions. But now I’m worried that I’ll be recognised for wearing it repeatedly if I go out in it again. But I don’t think I can go back to wearing my other stuff. It doesn’t cut the mustard by comparison and in fact that gets me to thinking that it didn’t cut the mustard to begin with. That seed is planted and I won’t be confident if I have to go back to the other (limited) options I have. I can get fucked up and there’ll be no issue that way, but no girl will have me like that.

[I might discover that I do actually feel confident in one of the two other options I have, once I put it on]

Maybe no-one cares too much to see a guy wearing the same outfit out repeatedly. But if I did it I know for sure the feeling of being pathetic would be overwhelming- this guy in his sad little best every Friday trying to impress. But I do think of clothes as armor on some level, get into your suit of armor. Dressed in your best. Why should it be necessary to have several bests?

And other things I don’t have the energy to work through now- guys throwing on one of many t-shirts (in my imagination), a guy I know who heads out a lot, is well-liked and does in fact wear the same thing repeatedly (But exactly the same thing?)


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