Just want to get started

This blog will be about my efforts to find a girlfriend. It’s also supposed to show how petty and small minded I am, though in a matter of fact way, not exaggerated for effect like in American Psycho for instance. I do hope that it finds an audience because I think that will take the edge off being like this. We can laugh together about it all or something.


4 thoughts on “Just want to get started

  1. I’ve just read all 4 (5?) entries, posts, whatever. Kind of cringey, but cool, and honest, I think. (if it’s not honest then you’re even more of a genius) Anyway, I love them, keep it up. (But don’t send hassle-texts, never works, gotta act cool and unobtainable, ya know? em, I think, (no expert) ) Will return. Oh, and keep ’em short-to- medium, these are all perfect, you’ve judged it perfectly, don’t ramble, like I do. 🙂

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